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              ,Welcome To Zhucheng Aupu Machinery Co., Ltd.!

              24 hour service hotline:


              Zhucheng Aopu Machinery Co., Ltd.

              Professional R & D team and perfect after-sales service,Let every customer feel assured and satisfied.

              Zhucheng Aopu Machinery Co. Ltd. is located in China City, Shun hometown - Shandong Zhucheng City, where beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, the east coastal city of Qingdao, south of the tourist city of sunshine, north of Weifang kite, superior geographical position and convenient transportation. Food machinery manufacturing industry is large, strong foundation and strong supporting capacity, has become the largest domestic food machinery and equipment research and development, production and sales base. ....


              Zhucheng Aopu Machinery Co., Ltd.

              Telephone :0536-6080518

              Mobile phone :0086-15065667555

              Fax :0536-6080518

              Zip code :262200

              mailbox :zcapjx@163.com

              Website :www.nafaixa.com

              address :Shandong zhucheng people's east road no. 6777